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Barcode Plug-Ins

for Excel, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic and more

With Azalea's Excel sample code and barcode software packages you can print labels, documents or forms and do mail merges without having to reinvent the wheel. Our macros and spreadsheets add the start and stop bars to your data, calculate any necessary check digits, and create a string of encoded text. Format that text into one of our barcode fonts and your work is done.

Code 128 in Excel
Code 39 in Excel
GS1-128 in Excel
Interleaved 2 of 5 in Excel
POSTNET in Excel
UPC in Excel
Crystal Reports

Our barcode software packages include a User Function Library (UFL) that integrates our barcodes into any SAP Crystal Reports project. The UFL adds the start and stop bars and any necessary check digits, creating barcodes from your data. Pass your data to be barcoded to our UFL, then format the returned strings of text into one of our barcode fonts.

Code 128 in Crystal Reports
Code 39 in Crystal Reports
Interleaved 2 of 5 in Crystal Reports
POSTNET in Crystal Reports
UPC in Crystal Reports
Visual Basic, C+/C++ and Word

Our Visual Basic, C+/C++ and Microsoft Word sample code lets you build barcodes into almost all of your favorite applications. Using our sample code means you don't have to write your own; we calculate the check digits and add the start and stop characters for you. Wire it into your spreadsheets, databases, and custom applications and you'll be printing barcodes in minutes.

Code 128 in Visual Basic
Code 39 in Visual Basic
GS1-128 in Visual Basic
Interleaved 2 of 5 in Visual Basic
POSTNET in Visual Basic
UPC in Visual Basic

Code 128 in C+/C++
Code 39 in C+/C++
UPC in C+/C++

Code 128 in Microsoft Word
Code 39 in Microsoft Word
UPC in Microsoft Word