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Sometimes all you want is one or two UPC barcodes. You don’t need your own company prefix from GS1 because you only need a few UPC barcodes and you definitely don’t want to pay an annual fee. That’s where we come in. Azalea Software is authorized to sell individual GS1 UPC numbers. When we securely assign you a UPC number you can rest assured that it's authentic, accurate and unique to your company and product.

UPC number + UPC barcode PDF for only $39

You can buy one or more unique UPC barcodes from us for only $39 each. This includes a high resolution PDF file that can be used in applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

If you’re a small company with only a few products you may find the cost of getting UPC barcodes through GS1 too expensive. Buying UPC numbers from us is a low, one time cost. Each UPC number plus PDF barcode is only $39. Simply drop the barcode image into your label template or package design and you're done!

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Buy a UPC number for $19

Do you need UPC numbers for just one or a handful of your products? Retailers large and small frequently require UPCs from their suppliers. If you need only UPC numbers and not the corresponding UPC barcodes, this is the right option for you. Individual UPC numbers are $19 each, and are guaranteed to come directly from our own database of GS1-authorized UPC numbers.

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Buy a barcode of your data in PDF format for $29

Need a barcode made from your existing UPC, Code 128, Code 39, I2of5 or POSTNET data? We’re here to help! You provide us with your single line of data and we’ll turn it into the barcode you need and send you a high-quality PDF that’s ready for printing.

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Get creative!

Barcodes aren’t only for shipping labels, retail products and cardboard boxes — you can make a barcode out of just about anything. Barcode your business name, your personal motto, your beloved’s birthday. Perfect for business cards, mailers, flyers, even tattoos!

We accept PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

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