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Cellphone Goodies

cardboard phone stands, free wallpaper images & ringtones
Android phone cardboard stand

PDF templates for cell phone stands

Sometimes your need to prop your cell phone upright. Perhaps to watch a video or two on YouTube or to hold the phone vertical so you can shoot video or take a picture. What you need is a cardboard easel or stand.

Jerry first made one to use with DroidNetCam. (He setup a webcam at his wedding using his G1!)

Print out one of these PDF templates onto cardboard or stiff cardstock. Score, fold, and tape them together. Better yet use this as a pattern to score, fold, and cut a piece of cardboard without running it through the printer which will bend and curl it.

cardboard G1 stand (right-click to download PDF)

cardboard iPhone stand (right-click to download PDF)

cell phone wallpaper

Let's face it, you can never have too many cell phone background images. At least you need options for new photos to use with your mobile phone.

Right-click a thumbnail to download that image to use as your cell phone's wallpaper.




free ringtones

Download more free ringtones for your mobile phone. These ringtones are fun and unique.

Listen to all of them and download the ones you want. Then you can install them on your phone.

ring 1  •  ring 2  •  ring 3  •  ring 4  •  ring 5

ringtone A  •  ringtone B  •  ringtone C  •  ringtone D  •  ringtone E

cell phone accessories

Get ring-tones, cell phone accessories ideas, and wallpaper here at Azalea Software.