free Code 39 demo font


Download Code39Azalea, our free Code 39 barcode font.

Code39Azalea is a numeric font for barcoding the numbers zero through 9. Create Code 39 (code 3 of 9) barcodes by placing an asterisk before and after your numeric data, then formatting into Code39Azalea.

For example, *2063419500* in Code39Azalea will scan as 2063419500.

The point size you use will determine the size of your barcode (we recommend a minimum of 18 points). You can use Code39Azalea for printed documents and online as a web font, using CSS @font-face for the web.


Code39Azalea is a great example of our full Code 39 software package, C39Tools. C39Tools comes with twenty-seven different Code 39 fonts, an OCR font for the human-readable digits below the barcode, and sample code for building Code 39s in SAP Crystal Reports, Excel (Windows), Visual Basic and C/C++.

Code39Azalea is copyright 2013 Jerry Whiting and released under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND.

Buy the full C39Tools

C39Tools is $199 a copy (Single User License, never expires). To install the software on many computers or company-wide, we have 2, 5 and 10 year Site Licenses available. Site Licenses cover unlimited in-company installations for the license term.

Buy online and download C39Tools immediately. You can also FAX or email us an Azalea order form or your company purchase order. All software comes with free technical support and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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