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Free Artwork For Your Barcode Tattoo

If you want a barcode tattoo, we’ll do the barcode artwork for free! Barcodes are symbols, symbols with meaning. If you’re going to the trouble of getting barcode ink, start with the best artwork possible.

Email us the details about the barcode you want for your tattoo. The approximate size and shape, what you want it to say - name, date, word(s) - etcetera. Barcodes can hold short chunks of text or numbers, for this purpose no more than about 12 characters.

Will my barcode tattoo scan? That depends on a number of factors, in particular the skill of your tattoo artist in exactly replicating the lines & spaces of the barcode design. So we can’t make any guarantees about the results but we’ll do our very best when creating your artwork.

We encourage everyone to double check the barcode artwork themselves. Print it out at highest quality, then scan it to make sure it says what you want. You can use Google's free barcode application for either iPhone or Android phones.

All Azalea staff members are inked yet none of us has a barcode tattoo. Odd, but true. And for those of you who’ve asked about thanking us, you can always contribute to our coffee & beer fund through PayPal.